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Sylmart wanted something special to start off the summer shopping season so they contracted with Fat is Fun Furternity to put on a carnival.

There is something fur efurryone. Rides, games, food, souveniers, enfurtainment and more.

Bookmark this page and come back often.
Below you will find a layout of the carnival. Click on the attraction mew would like to visit, or start at the beginning and go from one to another. You may return to this page any time. There is a lot to see in one day so come back and start where you left off.
Relax, have fun, enjoy and GET FAT
Carnival opens Memorial Day Weekend
Be sure to leave mewr paw print and take home a souvenier
Link to the guest book, credits and souveniers is at the bottom of this page
We would like to have mew take home a souvenier, leave mewr paw print, and see the credits these hardworking kitties deserve.