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Lady: Oh I hope this thing starts moving soon. I am scared way up here.
Moke & Mysty: We could stay here togefur furefur.
Sunny & Dobbin: So could we. It is funz.
Freya: I can hop off from here I'm not scared
Buster: Me too.. An easy jump.
Peppermille':I'm sure glad I am not where Lady is , it's scary enough here.
Whoopie: I'm not frightened, I can fly down teehee.
Agent McTavish: I'm sorry Sammy mew will have to eat befur mew can get on the ride.
Sammy; I will just sit down here and eat then.
Troubie: Oh it smells sooo good. Purrlease share with me.
Zoe: This looks like such fun but I am abit afurd of heights.
Coltrane: Not to worry little sis. I won't let anything happen to mew.