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Click on a ? fur mewr ansfur   ?  ? ?
Troubie: Oh Al, here comes Elvis..
Al: Mew betfur make his furtune include Sylvesta or she will nefur furgive mew.
Elvis: Mew sure betfur Troubie, I luff her If not I will get my buddy McTavish to do    
Agent McTavish: I am here in case there is any trouble started, not to tell Troubie how to tell her furtunes, even though mew are my good budz.
Bella: Look, there is Elvis going in ahead of me. I wondfur if I can get his autograph.

Chrissy: Sampson, Look at that line. It will take furefur.
Sampson: I still want Troubie to tell our furtune. I know we will be togefur furefur.

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