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Moke: Come on in folks. Watch the magic happen!
Agent Bash: Yo Bandit, Mac sent me ofur to help mew. Figured there might be some purrblems here with Moke quartering a dog, and dogs being here.
Agent Bandit: That's great Bash. I sure don't want any trouble.
Newman: Did he say Moke is quartering a dog. I don't believe that. I thought he was my furiend. Quila: I heard that too, it is supposed to be a good show.
Miss Gracie: Someone I know saw it and told me the same thing.
Newman: I still find it hard to believe.
Keedie: No wondfur the line is so long. I nefur heard that , did mew Nic.
Nic: Yes, I heard it. That is why I am willing to sit here till the line gets shorter.
Keedie: Well we will just have to wait and go in and see. I hope my brofur Newman will be safe.
Bandit: He'll be safe sweet lady, Bash and I are here. Bash is a real live hero.