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Tees 1/4lb.
hats 1/4lb.
Moke: I'm sorry these teez are fur Tomz only. Mew will have to leave.
Smokey Girl: What do mew mean leave? I am going to stay right here till mew sell me a teez shirtz.

Agent Sluggo: Mew heard the agent, Smokey Girl..
Taffy: Purrlease come Smokey girl. I am getting escorted out and I am scared. I don't want to be out there alone.

Agent  Oscar: I would stay with mew little Taffy. I wouldnt' let anyone hurt mew.
Agent McTavish: Listen up all mew agents. We are meeting here befur and between assignments. I have heard that these are not the only gurlz going to try to get teez. We will have to be on our paws.  We could nefur hold our heads up again if any gurlz wore a TomzRule or PaddysPub Teez.